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What is a Word Pecker?

A Word Pecker is a punster, one who plays upon words. Editors note:  No I did not make this up!

Your Passwords and Why You Need More Than One

Lots of websites now require you to use passwords.  When you set up online banking, email accounts, make comments on blogs…  Many sites require you to create a password. If I created a new unique password for every site I visited, I would not be able to remember them all.  There are several common ways [...]

What will someone get if you send them for a horse ladder

What will some get if you send them for a horse ladder: Confused and laughed at.  The dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue says a horse ladder is: A piece of Wiltshire wit, which consists  in sending some raw lad, or simpleton, to a neighbouring farm house, to borrow a horse ladder, in order to get up the [...]

So what is an Apple Pye Bed?

The  1811 Vulgar Dictionary says: A bed made apple-pye fashion, like what is called a turnover apple-pye, where the sheets are so doubled as to prevent anyone from getting at his length between them: a common trick played by frolicsome country lasses on their sweethearts, male relations, or visitors. In modern times this is called [...]