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This had the nickname “Snow” but was not cold.

 Snow is a nickname for linen hung out to dry or bleach. Spice the snow: to steal the linen.

What is a Glazier?

A glazier in 1811 slang is one who breaks windows and shew-glasses, to steal goods exposed for sale. Glaziers; eyes. CANT.– Note:  shew-glasses probably refers to glass display cases in shops. Also: Is your father a glazier; a question asked of a lad or young man, who stands between the speaker and the candle, or  fire. If it [...]

What are Priggers?

Priggers in a term for thieves in general. Priggers of prancers: horse stealers. Priggers of cacklers: robbers of hen roosts.

What is a Nypper?

Per the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue: A Nypper is a cut-purse. So called by one Wotton, who in  the year 1585 kept an academy for the education and perfection of pickpockets and cut-purses. His school was near Billingsgate, London. As in the dress of ancient times many people wore their purses at their girdles, cutting them was a branch [...]

Who were called Free Booters?

Lawless robbers and plunderers. Originally soldiers who served without pay, for the privilege of plundering the enemy.

What did it mean to Dive?

To dive is to pick a pocket.  To dive for a dinner is to go down into a cellar to dinner. Also a dive is a thief who stands ready to receive goods thrown out to him by a little boy put in at a window.