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What will someone get if you send them for a horse ladder

What will some get if you send them for a horse ladder: Confused and laughed at.  The dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue says a horse ladder is: A piece of Wiltshire wit, which consists  in sending some raw lad, or simpleton, to a neighbouring farm house, to borrow a horse ladder, in order to get up the [...]

What was a Highgate Oath?

According to the 1811 dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue: Sworn at Highgate A ridiculous custom formerly prevailed at the public-houses in Highgate, to administer a ludicrous oath to all travellers of the middling rank who stopped there. The party was sworn on a pair of horns, fastened on a stick: the substance of the oath was, [...]

So what is an Apple Pye Bed?

The  1811 Vulgar Dictionary says: A bed made apple-pye fashion, like what is called a turnover apple-pye, where the sheets are so doubled as to prevent anyone from getting at his length between them: a common trick played by frolicsome country lasses on their sweethearts, male relations, or visitors. In modern times this is called [...]