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In 1811 slang, what is a Lame Duck?

A lame duck is an Exchange-alley phrase for a stock-jobber, who either cannot or will not pay his losses, or, differences, in which case he is said to “waddle out of the alley”, as he cannot appear there again till his debts are settled and paid; should he attempt it, he would be hustled out by [...]

In 1811 Slang who is a Bull?

A bull is an Exchange Alley term for one who buys stock on speculation for time, i.e. agrees with the seller, called a Bear, to take a certain sum of stock at a future day, at a stated price: if at that day stock fetches more than the price agreed on, he receives the difference; if it falls or [...]

in 1811 slang what is a bear?

One who contracts to deliver a certain quantity of sum of stock in the public funds, on a future day, and at stated price; or, in other words, sells what he has not got, like the huntsman in the fable, who sold the bear’s skin before the bear was killed. As the bear sells the stock [...]