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What is a Glazier?

A glazier in 1811 slang is one who breaks windows and shew-glasses, to steal goods exposed for sale. Glaziers; eyes. CANT.– Note:  shew-glasses probably refers to glass display cases in shops. Also: Is your father a glazier; a question asked of a lad or young man, who stands between the speaker and the candle, or  fire. If it [...]

What is a Glim?

A glim is a candle, or dark lantern, used in housebreaking.  Also fire.

What did it mean to Dive?

To dive is to pick a pocket.  To dive for a dinner is to go down into a cellar to dinner. Also a dive is a thief who stands ready to receive goods thrown out to him by a little boy put in at a window.

What is the Bleating Rig?

The Bleating Rig is sheep stealing.

What is the Smug Lay?

Smug Lay is were a person pretends to be a smuggler of lace and valuable articles. These men borrow money of publicans by depositing these goods in their hands; they shortly decamp, and the publican discovers too late that he has been duped, and on opening the pretended treasure, he finds trifling articles of no value. Editors note:  The term [...]

What does it mean when you say a man is Josephus Rex?

When you say a man is Josephus Rex  you mean that he in Joe King or joking. I don’t make this up.

A bottle with Moll Thompson’s mark

So what does it mean when a bottle has Moll Thompson’s mark on it? It is empty “MT”