Revolution Screw Ups: Cuts Like a Knife

Today’s screw up: Cuts like a knife

In the pilot, Miles gets cut in the back early in the big fight scene in the hotel.  Later the doctor has to stitch up his back.  You can see approximately where on the back the injury is when he is being stitched up.

Good thing his jacket is not even marked by the swords or blood during the fight.  There are some shadows which look like cuts on the lower back for a frame or two, but they never bothered to make a mark on the jacket.

Revolution screw ups: Clothing and uniforms

Today’s screw up:

People have clean clothing without holes.  In the first village scene nobody is wearing work clothes.  The level of prosperity is too high. Nobody is wearing scavenged clothing! If there is new clothing being made in the economy somewhere, why are people not able to have toilet paper?

Even people who are traveling across the country for days have clean clothes and hair.  The backpacks they carry are not big enough for the supplies of food they would bring with them, so there would not be room for clothing.  (If you were doing this type of trip, you would pack food, some type of raingear, blankets/sleeping bag for warmth at night long before clothing).

It is also interesting that the militia members have uniforms that are manufactured.  Obviously there needs to be a manufacturing infrastructure in existence somewhere.  This would be expected even if electricity no longer existed.  Not everything requires electricity.  Water power, steam engines, diesel engines with some simple modification would all be quickly up and running.

Remember this as the episodes go on.

NBC’s Revolution Screw Ups

In theater there is something called “Willing Suspension of Disbelief”

What Willing Suspension of Disbelief means is that the audience ignores some facts in order to enjoy the story.  It is an implied contract between an audience and an storyteller.  If you give me some limited liberties with the truth, everything else will make sense in that context.  If you watch a Superman movie you don’t worry about the fact that there is no town in the USA called Smallville, and that Superman is an alien who can fly and has super strength.  These are the type of deviations from reality we accept for the sake of the story.

However, viewers assume that the writers and directors have made some attempt to keep things sensible.  We want to be able to follow the story and have a chance of figuring out what may be happening next.

Some mistakes cannot be tolerated because they distract.  For example if a character tells you he only has 3 shots left in his gun and then proceeds to fire 5 rounds the audience has been cheated. If the windshield of a car is shot causing the glass to break, we do not expect the windshield to be perfectly clear in the next scene when it comes around the corner.

Part of the attraction of NBC show Revolution is figuring out what happened to the power. I have gotten so fed up with what I consider unbelievably sloppy production values that I have decided to start a mistake of the day post.

Today’s mistake:

In the trailer, why does the lights out effect travel across the USA in a few seconds, yet the progression of the car lights on the freeway are shown as taking place at about 30 miles an hour? If the USA is 3000+ miles across and it takes 10 seconds to traverse the USA the effect is moving across the world at about 18000 miles an hour.  Everywhere you could see except for space, you would see all of the effects happen at the same time.

You could argue that batteries would stop working before light bulbs or something similar, but all the car lights would be similar enough to go off at the same basic time and they would not switch off in a steady progression.


My mom’s egg custard recipe

Creamy Baked Custard


6 eggs

2/3 cups sugar

½ teaspoon salt

1 quart scalded milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

Dash of nutmeg

Butter or spray oil to grease pan

Warm water



Large mixing bowl

Wire whisk or electric mixer with slow speed

Sauce pan for scalding milk

1/3 cup measure

½ teaspoon measure

Teaspoon measure

Spoon for mixing

9×9 inch baking pan

Larger pan that the smaller pan can sit inside.



Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Beat eggs slightly in a bowl large enough to eventually hold all the ingredients.  Add sugar and salt and mix well.  Gradually add scalded milk while still hot, stirring constantly.  Add vanilla.

Butter (or spray oil) 9×9 pan.  Pour custard mix into the pan.  Place smaller pan inside the larger pan and pour enough warm water to come up a least 1 inch up the sides of outer pan.  Sprinkle nutmeg on top to make a pleasing pattern.

Bake at 325 for 60 to 65 minutes.  (If smaller desert cups are used, bake for 35 to 40 minutes)

Custard is done when a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

Best served cold.  Once you have tried it, it is hard to wait that long.


Double Batch results in 9×13 pan


Dreamland presentation

This morning’s presentation for AZACC was a blogging presentation to the Dreamland Computer Club in Mesa Arizona. If I could type faster, there would be more to this post.


We talked about how to find blogs. Please share your favorites in the comments.

Here is a link to Kathy’s post and the tour 


This Post Intentionally Left Blank





How to Succeed in GoT Without Even Spending Any Real Money

(Apologies to Shepard Mead)

This is how I got to level 90 without spending any real money.

The first trick is to always use any energy to do scenes whenever you have spare time.  My job required me to check my email every few minutes during the day.  Every time I checked email I would do a scene if I had over 10 units of energy.

When selecting a scene, almost always select the bottom center scene in the last chapter. It gives you more points, silver and experience by far than the ones in the first chapter.  (Exceptions are when a new chapter comes out)

After a while you will build up over a million silver coins.  I wait to spend this until a new chapter is out.  I spend all my energy doing the scenes for that chapter, use energy cans, blitzes and presents in neighbor’s gardens. (More on this in a later post)  Now at this point I would normally have to wait for a while to get more energy.  However if I have enough silver, I can generally buy a level here.

To Buy a Level:

Store everything in your garden out that is not finished building with the exception of the time machine and a few path squares near the entrance.  Build buildings using the highest experience point 1×1 item you have access to.  The item will show up as under construction (usually with a one day build time) but you will get the XP points immediately.

Keep doing this and watch your XP level. Eventually you will advance to the next level and get new 60 units of energy. I spend these doing scenes.  Then if I still have the silver to spend I repeat the process.  Eventually you reach the max level or run out of silver.  Then you need to wait for them to expand the limits or earn more silver.

XP are earned and never go down.  Even if you store items or sell them you keep the XP you earned when you bought them.  When these new building are finished, you can store them and make your garden look nice again.  I recommend storing them instead of selling them as you probably will need them for the next step.

Maxing out the reputation points:

When a new chapter is ready you may discover that you do not have enough Reputation Points (RP) to access all the scenes.  In order to lessen the impact of this limit on your game play you can fix this in advance.

As far as RP is concerned what is important is the maximum level of RP you have ever had in your garden at any single point. If you store some things in your garden the displayed RP number will go down, but the currently displayed number is not important.  Only the highest number you have ever reached.  This is recorded somewhere in the internals of GoT but not available for you to see as far as I am aware.  If you want, you can keep track of this number yourself by recording it when you reach the max.  The trick here is to make sure you have most RP per square and to use all the space in your garden.

To maximize this out do the following:

Store everything in your garden. Try to avoid doing this when you have lots of items under construction as these items will not count for your total until they finish. You want to place items that have the highest RP points per square.  If you have been buying levels, you will have many more items to place in your garden than you have room to place.

Place all your upgraded wonders in your garden.  You should get the most points per square with these items.

What I do next is come up with a lower limit.  For example, try the number 500.  I start in my inventory list at the right most items and in the upper left corner of my empty garden placing every item that has over 500 RP per square.  You will quickly notice that the highest points per square items are generally the most recently purchased 1×1 buildings  or buildings you have fully upgraded.  If you reach the left side of the inventory, and your garden is not completely full.  Go back to the right side of the inventory and place items that have RP per square numbers that just missed getting placed last time.  Or try a lower limit, like 400.  Once you are through the list once you will have a better idea of a lower limit is based on what you skipped the first time through and how much space you have left.

You want to fill EVERY square.

You don’t need to use a calculator; if you are close it is good enough.  The garden will look ugly but you will max out your points.  The garden will look seriously ugly.  I would exit out of Facebook completely and get back in before cleaning up the mess you just made so that you can be sure GoT saves the max RP number.


GoT makes the rules, they can change how the game works without any warning.  I do not have access to GoT program code so I could be wrong but this has always worked for me.  I have started a new chapter with less than 2000 RP showing and had access to all the scenes.  Currently my max number (December 2011) is about 960,000.

Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited (yuck), and keep out of the reach of children (they usually have sticky fingers).

Hope this helps.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Comments on this blog are not posted till approved for spam control, so comments may not show up for about 24 hours or longer at times.

How I THINK material wonder upgrades work in Gardens of Time (GoT):

This post is for players of the Facebook game Gardens of Time.  Others should probably ignore this post.

How I THINK material wonder upgrades work in Gardens of Time (GoT):

I will use examples mostly because that seems to be the only way I can explain this.  There also seems to be a problem where you need to get out of Facebook and go back in in order to see some GoT numbers update.  Please send me a post on Garden of Time Friends if you have comments or questions.  The comment system here gets so much comment spam I cannot keep up with it.

To upgrade a particular wonder you need a certain number of the five materials for each level.  You must have all the requirements for that level to upgrade.  For example to upgrade Big Ben to level 2 you must have gathered one glass, one wood, one sandstone, one gears and one marble.  You also need  a blueprint and then the upgrade button shows up without requiring gold.  You will need two of each to upgrade to level 3. Etc…..

Now let us imagine I only have two wonders, a Big Ben and a Horus.  Pretend  have 40 friends in total.  I send out an invite to all of  my friends to get some glass.  15 of them respond and I have 15 glass.  I also buy a blue print.  I still cannot upgrade because I do not yet have any wood, sandstone, gears or marble.  Looking at the upgrade popup for Big Ben (or any other wonders) says I have 1 of 1 complete for glass. However, inventory says I have 15 of them. The others: wood, sandstone, etc say 0 of 1 in the pop up and don’t show up in inventory.  Now I have to wait for 24 hours or so to pass so I can send out more requests.

After 24 hours, I can ask for stuff again. However because I do not need any glass for any wonders I cannot ask for more glass.  So I split stuff up to ask for a little of

What I get back the next morning is three of everything except only one marble and two wood.  I can upgrade now the Big Ben to level 2 because I have one of each.   The inventory initially says I have 15 glass, 2 wood, 3 sandstone, 3 gears and 1 marble.  I can also upgrade Horus to level 1 instead because I have the items even though I did not request them for Horus.  Once I upgrade, the numbers in inventory go down accordingly.  Only when I do not have enough items in inventory to upgrade an item can I ask for it.  After up grading Big Ben, I have 14, 1, 2, 2, 0.   I can (perhaps) ask for more marble and wood because I need it. However I cannot ask for more of anything else because the upgrade pop shows 2 of 2 now for everything other than marble and wood.  I can not ask for more wood from the Horus pop up because it says I have 1 of 1 which is all Horus requires to upgrade to level 2.  However, because Big Ben is at level 2 and now needs to of each item to upgrade, I can ask for more wood from that pop up.

Hope this helps!

My email address is
fromGot  plus @  plus  remove the spaces and the pluses.

In 1811 slang, what was Bay Fever?

A term of ridicule applied to convicts, who sham illness, to avoid being sent to Botany Bay.

Google Instant Search Changes SEO Rules

This morning Google radically changed the way searches are being done on their site.  Because many novice users think of the internet as being their homepage, this is the most important single change made to the internet in years. Currently this change only seems to affect those with Gmail accounts who are logged in. 

I am still looking into the details of what has changed so this may be updated in the future.

First some background.  Prior to today, if you went to Google and typed in something to search for, Google would show what you typed in the search box.  This is called the search term. It would also frequently guess what you want and show a list of suggestions below what you typed.  As you type, the suggestions change.  You can at any point in the process by clicking on one of the suggestions.  If you typed the entire search term you would then press enter and the top page of results would appear.

This morning Google turned on Live Search or Real Time search.  This radically changed the search results on Google.  Now as I type my search term Google makes the same guesses that it did before, however, the top guess is filled in for you.  Google also generates search results based on that guess and displays them on the page.  At first this seems quite cool and helpful but there is a big problem.

The problem

I decide to look for “my cook”.  As I type this into Google, it decides that I might be looking for “my cookies”.  What I see is “my cookies”, where the “ies” is grayed out.  Below ,on the page, I see the results for “my cookies” not the results for what I typed!

The solution

If I want results for only what I typed, I can press enter at this point.  This gives me the result I wanted. 

Currently, live search only seems to run for people who are logged into their Gmail or other Google account.  I would not be surprised to see this rolled out to all users in the near future.  This will have a huge impact on search rankings.  People setting up websites will need to think carefully about how they are