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Net Neutrality for non-techies

Imagine you live on an island and the only way in and out is a ferry.  The ferry service was privatized years ago but most of the infrastructure was initially supplied by local government. There have been some attempts to set up competing ferries and a bridge but those attempts have been defeated by lawsuits [...]

Revolution screw ups : Airplane Spin

In the trailer/pilot, jetliners are shown spinning out of control/crashing.  I have to assume this is because the electronics on the plane have shut down.   If this is the case, why are the running lights on the plane still lit and some of them flashing in the normal manner? I assume this was done so [...]

Revolution screw ups: Clothing and uniforms

Today’s screw up: People have clean clothing without holes.  In the first village scene nobody is wearing work clothes.  The level of prosperity is too high. Nobody is wearing scavenged clothing! If there is new clothing being made in the economy somewhere, why are people not able to have toilet paper? Even people who are traveling [...]

This Post Intentionally Left Blank


How to Succeed in GoT Without Even Spending Any Real Money

(Apologies to Shepard Mead) This is how I got to level 90 without spending any real money. The first trick is to always use any energy to do scenes whenever you have spare time.  My job required me to check my email every few minutes during the day.  Every time I checked email I would [...]

How I THINK material wonder upgrades work in Gardens of Time (GoT):

This post is for players of the Facebook game Gardens of Time.  Others should probably ignore this post. How I THINK material wonder upgrades work in Gardens of Time (GoT): I will use examples mostly because that seems to be the only way I can explain this.  There also seems to be a problem where [...]

What is a Nypper?

Per the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue: A Nypper is a cut-purse. So called by one Wotton, who in  the year 1585 kept an academy for the education and perfection of pickpockets and cut-purses. His school was near Billingsgate, London. As in the dress of ancient times many people wore their purses at their girdles, cutting them was a branch [...]

Our Spam Policy

This blog has been active for a while now. It has been setup so that you can submit comments to the posts we make here.  I see these comments individually and decide to aprove or deny them based on content. If someone makes a comment that advances the content of the blog, dissagrees with what is said, or [...]

What is a Kent-Street Ejectment?

A Kent-Street Ejectment is to take away the street door.  A method practised by the landlords in Kent-street, Southwark, when their tenants are above a fortnight’s rent in arrear.

Rain at last !!!

We have been flirting with rain for some weeks now!  Finally started here.  We were getting the muggyness of monsoons without the cooling.  Now we get some cooling every other day or so for a while!