Net Neutrality for non-techies

Imagine you live on an island and the only way in and out is a ferry.  The ferry service was privatized years ago but most of the infrastructure was initially supplied by local government.

There have been some attempts to set up competing ferries and a bridge but those attempts have been defeated by lawsuits and lobbying by the ferry company.

The ferry company notices that people use the ferry primarily for shopping.  Some businesses located on the mainland use the ferry to deliver groceries and pizza to the residents of the island. Some of these businesses have been profiled in the news because of their popularity and success.

The ferry company has traditionally charged a fee based on the size and weight of each vehicle.

The ferry company opens a store and restaurant on the island but people mostly like the food delivered from the mainland much much better.

Because of these concerns, the company wants to charge much much more for trucks delivering food to the island.  They have recently delayed some pizza and milk deliveries until the food was no longer edible.  They refuse to publically announce what the new rules will be.

When people confront them about the issue, they state that they are slowing down everyone and just charging some trucks more to get to the front of the line.  The ferry system is great, they added new ships just this last year. There has never been a regulation controlling how the system works and that is what made it so great for all these years. The company is also going to start searching every vehicle before being allowed on the ferry.

“Trust us we know what is good for you and the island!”

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