Revolution mistakes: Power Speculations

I just got the chance to watch the episode from the 5th of November, “The Children’s Crusade.”  The previews had led me to believe that we would be finding out the full story of how the power went out.  I had no real hope that that they would tell us everything and I was not surprised.

I have decided to tackle the issue of how the power could have gone off based I where I speculate they are going with this.  Please let me know what your speculations are about the “science” behind the pendants. I am interested in your theories.


They need some method of stopping all electrical devices without draining batteries, allowing them to function again, not affecting the electrochemical processes inside humans and animals.

It cannot eliminate lightning as we could hear that in an early episode.

The process also must not require its own source of energy to run.  If the government collapsed, no one would be secretly maintaining some power plant in area 51.  If they were doing that, they would probably decide to shut it down if they had any idea of the problems they were causing.


Possible methods of power outages:

1)    Much speculation on the internet has centered around a possible Electro Magnetic Pulse:

Also known as an EMP, this was discovered in the early 60s.  When a nuclear bomb is detonated at high altitude, a very large, very high voltage field is generated.  Metal objects can collect some of that energy and convert it back to electricity.  This pulse is very very short but some electrical circuits can be destroyed by this extremely short pulse.  It is possible to generate these pulses using other energy sources but the devices would be huge and would require large amounts of energy.  Problems with this approach include:

a) Common batteries are not affected.

b) Items that do not have transistors are not generally affected.  Flashlights, older cars and electric motors would not be affected

c) The government knows about this and shields military items from its effects.  Also most items which are shielded from the effects of lightning would also not be affected.

c) Items damaged by this effect would never start back up.

d) Spare parts generally would not be affected


2) My guess based on the content of the current episode is anti-superconductivity.

When electricity moves through normal wires, a small amount of electricity is converted to heat.  This wastes some of the power.   Some materials when cooled to extremely low temperatures, allow electricity to flow through them without generating any heat.  These materials are called super conductors.  As you can imagine, people have been working on developing materials which would allow warmer and less expensive materials to be used to transfer electricity.

My speculation is that they will postulate a field that totally stops electrical conductivity in metals.  This would be some sort of super-nonconductivity (or super insulator).  I do not know where you would generate the power to continuously affect the properties of every metal object on the planet.

It could account for much of the effects we have seen so far.  Scientists would discover if this was the case and would discover methods of developing devices that used non-metalic conductors.  Batteries would slowly lose power unless the chemical properties of metals and acids were changed.  If they were changed, scientists would quickly figure out the problem.


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