Revolution Screw Ups: Two Amulets?

In the pilot as the power is going down, Ben downloads something into a USB device and then plugs that device into the bottom of what I will call an amulet.

Here is a picture of the Amulet while he is plugging it in:

amulet from the pilot

Notice the USB port and how thick it is

Note the slot in the front of the amulet for the USB device.  You would expect to be able to see the seam of the port edges after the device is completely assembled.  I expected people later in the series to notice that it was not just a pendant that it was an electronic device, remove the USB device, etc…

Here is a close up picture of the front of the (an?) amulet from the second episode:

Note that there is no seam for the USB device.

In various later shots in the series we see that the back is smooth and unmarked as well as the edges.

This leads to four possible conclusions:

  1. They messed up again and just did not think we would notice
  2. There will be a second pendant showing up on a later episode that is thicker and has a USB device embedded in it
  3. Ben remade the pendant from scratch, or somehow modified it
  4. It is magic or alien technology…

Since this is the most important prop on the show and based on the lack of attention to continuity* they have shown, I am guessing they just messed up again.

I will update this post if it turns out I am wrong.

* For a definition see:




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