Revolution screw ups : Airplane Spin

In the trailer/pilot, jetliners are shown spinning out of control/crashing.  I have to assume this is because the electronics on the plane have shut down.   If this is the case, why are the running lights on the plane still lit and some of them flashing in the normal manner?

I assume this was done so that we could see the plane crash.  I suspect that they knew this was a problem and decided to add the lights into the graphic because otherwise the audience would loose track of it in the dark sky.

Most airplanes use hydraulics to control the plane.  Except for some Airbus aircraft they are temporarily flyable without electricity.  Landing and some other systems would be a problem, but they would not be out of control before the electricity went out.


Here is an interesting blog post I found that talks about some of the problems in the show.  Warning the language is less than polite:

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