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Revolution screw ups: Candle power

Before we had light bulbs the world mostly shut down at night. People would quickly go back to that type of schedule. In an effort to impress us on how much things have changed since the black out, they use lit candles everywhere.  If you have ever been in a real blackout that lasts more than [...]

Revolution Screw Ups: Two Amulets?

In the pilot as the power is going down, Ben downloads something into a USB device and then plugs that device into the bottom of what I will call an amulet. Here is a picture of the Amulet while he is plugging it in: Note the slot in the front of the amulet for the [...]

Revolution screw ups : Stopping in the center of the road

If your car engine dies on the highway you coast to the side of the road so you can get a tow. When the cars die during the start of the blackout everyone puts on the brakes and stops in the center of the road.

Revolution screw ups : Airplane Spin

In the trailer/pilot, jetliners are shown spinning out of control/crashing.  I have to assume this is because the electronics on the plane have shut down.   If this is the case, why are the running lights on the plane still lit and some of them flashing in the normal manner? I assume this was done so [...]

Revolution Screw Ups: Cuts Like a Knife

Today’s screw up: Cuts like a knife In the pilot, Miles gets cut in the back early in the big fight scene in the hotel.  Later the doctor has to stitch up his back.  You can see approximately where on the back the injury is when he is being stitched up. Good thing his jacket [...]

Revolution screw ups: Clothing and uniforms

Today’s screw up: People have clean clothing without holes.  In the first village scene nobody is wearing work clothes.  The level of prosperity is too high. Nobody is wearing scavenged clothing! If there is new clothing being made in the economy somewhere, why are people not able to have toilet paper? Even people who are traveling [...]

NBC’s Revolution Screw Ups

In theater there is something called “Willing Suspension of Disbelief” What Willing Suspension of Disbelief means is that the audience ignores some facts in order to enjoy the story.  It is an implied contract between an audience and an storyteller.  If you give me some limited liberties with the truth, everything else will make sense [...]