How to Succeed in GoT Without Even Spending Any Real Money

(Apologies to Shepard Mead)

This is how I got to level 90 without spending any real money.

The first trick is to always use any energy to do scenes whenever you have spare time.  My job required me to check my email every few minutes during the day.  Every time I checked email I would do a scene if I had over 10 units of energy.

When selecting a scene, almost always select the bottom center scene in the last chapter. It gives you more points, silver and experience by far than the ones in the first chapter.  (Exceptions are when a new chapter comes out)

After a while you will build up over a million silver coins.  I wait to spend this until a new chapter is out.  I spend all my energy doing the scenes for that chapter, use energy cans, blitzes and presents in neighbor’s gardens. (More on this in a later post)  Now at this point I would normally have to wait for a while to get more energy.  However if I have enough silver, I can generally buy a level here.

To Buy a Level:

Store everything in your garden out that is not finished building with the exception of the time machine and a few path squares near the entrance.  Build buildings using the highest experience point 1×1 item you have access to.  The item will show up as under construction (usually with a one day build time) but you will get the XP points immediately.

Keep doing this and watch your XP level. Eventually you will advance to the next level and get new 60 units of energy. I spend these doing scenes.  Then if I still have the silver to spend I repeat the process.  Eventually you reach the max level or run out of silver.  Then you need to wait for them to expand the limits or earn more silver.

XP are earned and never go down.  Even if you store items or sell them you keep the XP you earned when you bought them.  When these new building are finished, you can store them and make your garden look nice again.  I recommend storing them instead of selling them as you probably will need them for the next step.

Maxing out the reputation points:

When a new chapter is ready you may discover that you do not have enough Reputation Points (RP) to access all the scenes.  In order to lessen the impact of this limit on your game play you can fix this in advance.

As far as RP is concerned what is important is the maximum level of RP you have ever had in your garden at any single point. If you store some things in your garden the displayed RP number will go down, but the currently displayed number is not important.  Only the highest number you have ever reached.  This is recorded somewhere in the internals of GoT but not available for you to see as far as I am aware.  If you want, you can keep track of this number yourself by recording it when you reach the max.  The trick here is to make sure you have most RP per square and to use all the space in your garden.

To maximize this out do the following:

Store everything in your garden. Try to avoid doing this when you have lots of items under construction as these items will not count for your total until they finish. You want to place items that have the highest RP points per square.  If you have been buying levels, you will have many more items to place in your garden than you have room to place.

Place all your upgraded wonders in your garden.  You should get the most points per square with these items.

What I do next is come up with a lower limit.  For example, try the number 500.  I start in my inventory list at the right most items and in the upper left corner of my empty garden placing every item that has over 500 RP per square.  You will quickly notice that the highest points per square items are generally the most recently purchased 1×1 buildings  or buildings you have fully upgraded.  If you reach the left side of the inventory, and your garden is not completely full.  Go back to the right side of the inventory and place items that have RP per square numbers that just missed getting placed last time.  Or try a lower limit, like 400.  Once you are through the list once you will have a better idea of a lower limit is based on what you skipped the first time through and how much space you have left.

You want to fill EVERY square.

You don’t need to use a calculator; if you are close it is good enough.  The garden will look ugly but you will max out your points.  The garden will look seriously ugly.  I would exit out of Facebook completely and get back in before cleaning up the mess you just made so that you can be sure GoT saves the max RP number.


GoT makes the rules, they can change how the game works without any warning.  I do not have access to GoT program code so I could be wrong but this has always worked for me.  I have started a new chapter with less than 2000 RP showing and had access to all the scenes.  Currently my max number (December 2011) is about 960,000.

Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited (yuck), and keep out of the reach of children (they usually have sticky fingers).

Hope this helps.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Comments on this blog are not posted till approved for spam control, so comments may not show up for about 24 hours or longer at times.


  1. Thanks for the insight. But how do you get the items in special stories (like the Christmas and Halloween scenes) without spending money for gold? Isn’t that the only way to get gold?

  2. You get one bar of gold for every level you advance. So in theory, if I had never spent any gold, I could buy one special story. However, at first, I spent gold expanding my garden which was a mistake as I now think gold should only be used to buy things that are not available any other way. So I have never done a special story.

    You can also get gold by buying it with real money through facebook or by taking advantage of special offers. I did try one special offer (i think it was a gold bar to like a company on facebook). Now (when I don’t mess up by clicking on the wrong button) use gold to buy things like the water paths enabler or the kangaroos

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