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In 1811 slang, what was Bay Fever?

A term of ridicule applied to convicts, who sham illness, to avoid being sent to Botany Bay.

Google Instant Search Changes SEO Rules

This morning Google radically changed the way searches are being done on their site.  Because many novice users think of the internet as being their homepage, this is the most important single change made to the internet in years. Currently this change only seems to affect those with Gmail accounts who are logged in.  I [...]

Who was Richard Snary?

An old joke based on a pun. It is a dictionary. A country lad, having been reproved for calling persons by their christian names, being sent by his master to borrow a dictionary, thought to shew his breeding by asking for a Richard Snary.

What does it mean to Lie Rough?

To lie rough is to lie all night in one’s clothes. called also roughing it. Likewise to sleep on the bare deck of a ship, when the person is commonly advised to ch00se the softest plank.

This had the nickname “Snow” but was not cold.

 Snow is a nickname for linen hung out to dry or bleach. Spice the snow: to steal the linen.