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Your Passwords and Why You Need More Than One

Lots of websites now require you to use passwords.  When you set up online banking, email accounts, make comments on blogs…  Many sites require you to create a password. If I created a new unique password for every site I visited, I would not be able to remember them all.  There are several common ways [...]

What are Monks and Friars?

They are terms used by printers: Monks are sheets where the letters are blotted, or printed too black. Friars, those letters where the ink has failed touching the type, which are therefore white or faint.

What did it mean to Dive?

To dive is to pick a pocket.  To dive for a dinner is to go down into a cellar to dinner. Also a dive is a thief who stands ready to receive goods thrown out to him by a little boy put in at a window.

Rain at last !!!

We have been flirting with rain for some weeks now!  Finally started here.  We were getting the muggyness of monsoons without the cooling.  Now we get some cooling every other day or so for a while!

What is Christening a watch?

This is erasing the name of the true maker from a stolen watch, and engraving a fictitious one in its place.

What is the Bleating Rig?

The Bleating Rig is sheep stealing.

What is the Smug Lay?

Smug Lay is were a person pretends to be a smuggler of lace and valuable articles. These men borrow money of publicans by depositing these goods in their hands; they shortly decamp, and the publican discovers too late that he has been duped, and on opening the pretended treasure, he finds trifling articles of no value. Editors note:  The term [...]

What are Down Hills?

Dice that run low.  Loaded dice that are far more likely to come up with a low number when cast than fair dice.

Who was known as a Death Hunter?

An undertaker, one who furnishes the necessary articles for funerals.

Who are Tayle Drawers?

Tayle Drawers are thieves who snatch gentlemens swords from their sides. “He drew the cull’s tayle rumly”  => He snatched away the gentleman’s sword cleverly.