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In 1811 slang what does it mean to Die Hard? Hint, no gunfire is involved.

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue says: DIE HARD, or GAME. To die hard, is to shew no signs of fear or contrition at the gallows; not to whiddle or squeak. This advice is frequently given to felons going to suffer the  law, by their old comrades, anxious for the honour of the  gang. [...]

In 1811 slang, what practice is thirding?

A custom practiced at the universities, where two thirds of the original price is allowed by the upholsterers to the students for household goods returned to them within the year. Editor’s note:  sounds like this might be the ancestor of used textbook sales.

So what is an Apple Pye Bed?

The  1811 Vulgar Dictionary says: A bed made apple-pye fashion, like what is called a turnover apple-pye, where the sheets are so doubled as to prevent anyone from getting at his length between them: a common trick played by frolicsome country lasses on their sweethearts, male relations, or visitors. In modern times this is called [...]

What does it mean to polish the king’s iron with your eyebrows?

What does it mean to “polish the king’s iron”, or to “polish the king’s iron with your eyebrows?” “To be in gaol (jail).  Looking out through iron grated windows with your face pressed to the bars.

What does it mean when you say a man is Josephus Rex?

When you say a man is Josephus Rex  you mean that he in Joe King or joking. I don’t make this up.

A bottle with Moll Thompson’s mark

So what does it mean when a bottle has Moll Thompson’s mark on it? It is empty “MT”